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We are UK base company

We are UK base company which in the organic nature health and beauty care sector, we are growing rapidly, retailing products wholly manufactured using organic and natural ingredients and packaged with the environment in mind.

We are aimed at the premium end of the market. Our strategy is to grow organically but surely-first fortress the local market and then venture further afield.

By talking tradition recipes and adding a twist, Alexander Essentials has created innovative and evocative products and brands.

We took the Alexander Essentials brand and started product organic nature health and beauty care products under the Alexander Essentials ™ lable for sale in the health food store and specialist practitioners worldwide. After years of trial, it is oboviouse that there is a wider market for the range.

Not only have we had enormours press coverage but we have had many interviews on local so far. This of course is not only good for sales but excelent for the brand.


Marketing the health food store and specialist practitioners worldwide

At Alexander Essentials, we have considerable experience in providing marketing support to the independent health food store. Ask for our exclusive booklet, Marketing The Health Food Store for ideas including when/how to advertise, begin PR and how to boost sales. The Alexander Essentials range is available to selected health stores and specialist practitioners worldwide.We believe the health food store is the best place to find clear advice and information on all matters of complementary health and lifestyle.

At Alexander Essentials we have 100% control of the business, we do not have a board of directors, shareholders or a parent company overseas to report to or take direction from. Through out the years we have remained independent and have self financed everything we do, if we do not have the money, we don't do it. We do not have credit accounts with our suppliers, we pay for everything up front, this ensures our suppliers are paid promptly and to be honest, gives us a little preferential treatment over those "late payers". you don't have to order huge quantities - a £50 minimum order by cash is all we need and you can order in singles for everything to meet your customers' requirements.We can guarantee our commitment to being a health store brand.

Alexander Essentials organic beauty products and Aromatherapy products are excellent quality and cost no more than comparable, non-donating brands. Yet, by switching to Alexander Essentials, you not only get a specialist UK-based range dedicated to the independent health products sector and excellence in aromatherapy, you also help to generate thousands for environmental charities.


Our Breakthrough:Real Rose Gel

Alexander Essentials soon gained a bit of a cult online following. We had our biggest break through, when thanks to a poster online who posted some comments about Real Rose Gel and the antioxidant, healing properties of Aloe are combined with the anti reddening properties of Rose otto essential oil and Rose otto hydrolat which not only make it a great skin care product but the beautiful natural fragrance means you don't even need any perfume. The product is suitable all skin type but especially suitable for skin prone to reddening.

Recommending Alexander Essentials Real Rose Gel we gained our biggest Natural exposure and surge in customers. The post online went on to do wonders for us...

So we will ever be indebted to the poster Lady "Arora" for her posts.


Everyone's everyday life deserved feeling good.

There are few other substances in the world which can make you feel good without bad side effects. however burn some essential oils, pamper yourself in an indulgent aromatherapy based bath or in the best example have a massage with aromatherapy essential oils and not only will you feel great there and then, the next day you just keep feeling better and better.


We love organic

Alexander essentials only sources certified organic oils where possible, over 95% of our range is certified organic, there are a few oils that are impossible to certify because they only grow wild or farmed conditions, for example the Boswellia tree resin, which Frankincense is made from. In these cases we always source from wild grown or untreated sources, and label accordingly. Meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilisers have been used.


We are member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council

Aromatherapy Trade Council( ATC ) is UK trade association for the specialist aromatherapy essential oil trade representing the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of essential oils and aromatherapy products.We are member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council.our ATC licence number is ATC/0128


We follow 10 golden Rules of GMP

We aim to operate our bussiness in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice(GMP).


We have a unique a win:win recycling programme for the glass bottles and jars.

We use minimum packaging for our products, all made from recycled or recyclable materials, from our glass bottles to the recycled cardboard shipping boxes. We have a unique a win:win recycling programme for the glass bottles and jars, which as well as providing environmental benefits and an added green aspect to your store.Clearly, there is the most business advantage in that the recycling programme is ensuring this customer returns to your store on a regular basis rather than shopping elsewhere for their health products.


Our Ethical Policy

We look after our customers, we don't charge for UK postage, we minimise our impact on the environment, we love organics.

Discover how you can make a real difference to your business and to your community by choosing the Alexander Essentials range of Organic essential oils , organic cold press carrier oils, organic hydrolates, organic cosmetic base,cream&gel&balm, organic herb, tinctures and ointments. By choosing to stock the Alexander Essentials range, you'll be caring for others at the same time as helping your business. Knowing that you are helping the environment at the same time as making sufficient profit to keep your business growing and fit for the future.

Alexander Essentials is a big-hearted company, independent and privately-owned, committed to creating and building an organic aromatherapy range with integrity, quality and innovation.

The company was founded on two fundamental principles;

• to supplier a range of essential oils with the highest possible ethical standards.

• to generate significant funds for environmental charities.

By choosing Alexander Essentials as the preferred essential oils in your store, you will not only be benefit in your own business, but also helping benefit the lives of others.


The Last Word

The re-sale of Alexande essentials products to other retailer or suppliers is not permitted.

Alexander essentials promise dose not supply direct to the public either by mail order or through our website.


Company Information


Registered in England 06257221





WD18 7HQ


24/7 Voicemail 08444 875 988

Due to lower staffing levels, we may not be as available as we have been previously, apologise for this. You can leave a message to 24/7 voicemail (08444 875 988 ), we will reply ASAP.



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