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Why We Use Amber Glass?

100% infinitely recyclable and never degenerates
Made from uk locally sourced raw materials
On average containers have 60% recycled content
Does not contain harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol-A
Totally inert and keeps the product safe from contamination
Olny packaging material exempt from REACH registration
Only Packageing material to receive GRAS classification from the American FDA
Amber glass protects the contents from ultra-violet light

We use minimum packaging for our products, not only be benefiting your own business, but also helping benefit the lives of others. Fascinated by the rows and rows of amber bottles&jars, amber glass is the sustainable and safer choice.

All our amber glass are manufactured in accordance with the materials in contact with food regulations 2005. Our "soda lime silica" amber glass that confirms to both European and US pharmacopoeia type III standards for hydrolytic resistance. Our amber glass affords protection to the contents from attack by ultra-violet light below a wavelength of approximately 450 Nanometers. This meets the requirements for light transmission in the US and European Pharmacopoeia and the British standard BS1679-containers for pharmaceutical Dispensing.

Why We Use Transparent Viskrings?

Inspired by professional and consumer trends, Alexander Essentials® is pleased to announce the launch of a new modern, stylish and economical product packaging – Transparent Viskrings.

The new packaging is made from regenerated cellulose derived from the wood-pulp of fast-growing softwood trees; it can bio-degrade even faster than paper when discarded, and is super environmentally friendly. Just one of the ways we try to provide the best products to you, but also caring the environment.

Viscose Closures Ltd is the only producer of cellulose Viskrings in the world, have been providing tamper-evident protection around the world for generations.

Dry rings are an effective barrier against ingress of micro-organisms into the container contents, and provide a tamper-evident. Each Viskring is applied by hand with care; the whole self-shrinking process of Viskring has no heat involved, makes sure the product’s quality is to the highest standard.

While the transparent Viskrings packaging has evolved, prices our products remain the same, highlighting Alexander Essentials® commitment to offering cost-effective, attractive and economical skin care solutions to the modern, discerning consumer.

This is an innovative new design that emphasises style, simplicity and unique brand distinction, and we hope to switch to this design completely by 18/02/2013, remember to look out for them next time you shop for an Alexander Essentials® product.

Alexander Essentials® is an UK base organic aromatherapy skin care company delivering an abundance of essential oils, providing a skin smoothing and rejuvenating aromatherapy experience. The skin emerges clean, bright, smooth, mineralised, and wonderfully rehydrated.

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