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Buy all four AE aromatherapy diploma by distance learning modules for £1000

A four module course sent to your own doorstep including all the course notes,carrier oils, essential oils, books and dvds that you will need. Your course is assessed by your own personal tutor.

The Distance Learning Course (DLC) in aromatherapy has been designed for aspiring students who are not able to attend the in-house training that is offered by AE.

The learning is assessed by means of course notes, background reading of appropriate text books (many of which are included in the course pack although several other books may need to be purchased), and observation of massage techniques presented in video form. The course is presented in a box file.

The student will be required to complete each module, of which there are four, before proceeding to the next one, and will be required to submit written evidence to AE as directed.

A qualification in anatomy and physiology is also required – please contact us for a list of exemptions.

Upon completion of the course and assessment session, the student will be awarded the AE Distance Learning Diploma in Aromatherapy. Students are advised to take between 1 year minimum and 3 years maximum to complete the 4modules (5 if anatomy and physiology is required).

Products covered

   40 items 5ml organic essential oil;

   skin care: rose collection;

   Carriers: some

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