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Below are the organisations that we © 2012 Alexander Essentials™( 'Alexander Essentials' ) are members of.



UK trade association for the specialist aromatherapy essential oil trade

What The ATC Stands For

The responsible marketing of real aromatherapy products by specialist suppliers who share common concerns about the safety and quality of essential oils and aromatherapy products now available on the mass market.

Consumer safety through promoting safe usage of essential oils, by establishing co-ordinated policies within the trade, and by publishing guidelines for safety, labelling and packaging.

Providing accurate up-to-date information and sound advice to members and the public.

Promoting consistent high standards of quality and safety in aromatherapy products to benefit consumer/public health.

Enshrining the obligations of ATC members in a Code of Practice and Memorandum & Articles of Association that are binding upon them.

Establishing good business practice through Rules & Byelaws that apply to all ATC members for promoting fairness and order in the treatment and recognition of members and in the conduct of fair relations.




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