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Referral Scheme


Many Alexander Essentials clients come to us as a result of receiving professional business advice. Our referral scheme allows you as a business professional to generate incremental revenue and retain customers whilst at the same time helping your customers to achieve operational efficiency.

By simply adding our logo to your website we can track all referrals from your website and any subsequent purchases will automatically generate a commission for you.

• A proven solution to your customers’ operational challenges.
• A genuine opportunity to generate incremental revenue and retain customers.
• Earn over 2.5% for each client you refer to Alexander Essentials who goes on to purchase.
• No selling required, simply register with us and add the Alexander Essentials logo to your website.
• No learning required, we implement and train the client on Alexander Essentials.
• No time required, we help your client every step of the way.
• No financial outlay required, we want you and your clients to benefit from Alexander Essentials.
• A Reputable, secure company refer to your clients to.

Please click Here and contact us if you want to join the schema.



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